Why a Permanent Facility?

Why a Permanent Facility?

We know that the church is not a building but rather the people of God who gather together for worship, discipleship, friendship, ministry and mission. However, “It is reasonable for a church to plan ahead and to be sensitive to the growing needs of the church family. It is also reasonable to imagine what could be accomplished in reaching others for Jesus Christ if permanent facilities were available.” – excerpt from the book, When to Build A New Church Building.

Portable Church Challenges

  1. It demands significant time and energy setting up and tearing down so that other Kingdom endeavors are not pursued. Many people are hesitant to lead and serve in other areas, because they are already helping set up and tear down. For those who serve in multiple areas, burnout is a real issue, as the demand for setting up and tearing down every Sunday never ceases.
  2. Over the next three years, we will spend approximately $108,000 in rent for worship space, office space and facility rental for meetings and seminars ($3000/month). That could pay the majority of a mortgage payment for the size and type of building we need.
  3. Although we know that a church is not a building, many unchurched people won’t consider us to be a “real church” until we have our own building. Not having our own building significantly reduces our ability to reach people for Christ.
  4. One of our core values is “We Create Contagious Environments.” The more contagious the environment, the more likely people will come back, and the more likely they’ll invite unchurched friends, family and neighbors. That means more changed lives. Being a portable church greatly limits our ability to create contagious environments, especially in the kids’ and youth areas.

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Advantages of a Permanent Facility

  1. Having our own facility would open up many ministry possibilities for us, including space for Youth Ministry, large meetings, workshops, seminars, weddings, funerals and even a daycare/preschool which could generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income to help more people find and follow Christ.
  2. It would enable leaders and volunteers to spend more time and energy on worship, discipleship, relationships and outreach endeavors.
  3. Having a permanent facility would enable Journey to create awesome contagious environments. Imagine the kids areas, decorated and furnished for kids, so that they can’t wait to come back and bring their friends. Imagine the youth area designed for youth, so they are excited about church. Imagine a worship experience that makes adults want to come back and invite their unchurched friends and acquaintances.
  4. It communicates permanence and ministry commitment to the surrounding community and to those who call Journey their church home.
  5. It reduces the potential for burnout among people serving in the church.

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Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.
Acts 2:46

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