Building Update

3049 hudson st aerial view for websiteIn the fall of 2015, we began a journey to acquire a permanent facility for Journey Church, located at 3062 Hudson Street in Franklin. With our limited resources, we knew it was a long-shot at best, and the only way this would work out was if God made it happen…and he did! We will update the progress of our journey to a permanent home on this page.

January, 2018 – After A LOT of work, we have passed the Rough-In Inspection with flying colors! There was one minor fix that was finished the same day. With the approval of that fix, we are cleared to finish all the drywall work, which gets us MUCH closer to completion!

January, 2017 – Things are falling into place. Although we still don’t have our building permit, everything has been approved for the installation of the sprinkler system, inside the building and outside, from the water main. We continue to do what we can to prepare for the all-out construction phase, once we have our permit. We are hoping to be in the building by mid to late March, but we realize it will happen in God’s timing, not ours.

November – We are still waiting on our building permit. In the meantime, there is still plenty of work to do to get ready for the construction phase. Our sprinkler system plans have been approved, and the system will be installed soon.

August 30Our constructions plans have been approved by the state! We’re one step closer to moving in to our new building. [ Click here to see the final design. ] The next step is the issuance of the our building permit by the City of Franklin.

August 15 – Our plans have been submitted to the state for approval! We hope to have them approved within two to three weeks, then the construction begins.

August 12 – We are finalizing the plans to submit to the state, and we are hoping to have them submitted next week.  This is a big step for us!

June 14 – We’re finalizing the design with the architect to submit for approval to the state and local authorities. There is still work to be done, but much of the remodel depends on these approvals. Please pray we can get the approvals quickly.

May 19 – The electricians have completed their part of the demo phase.  They eliminated dozens of unneeded circuits/breakers, and reduced the number of breaker boxes in the building from ten to five.  The kids’ area lobby has been opened up and is looking good.

April 30 – More walls removed, and the lobby is now opened up.  The auditorium is opening up nicely.

April 23 – The lobby area is really opening up now, and the auditorium is too.  Thanks for everyone who came out today! [ Pictures ]

April 16 – Workday #2 – We had a great turnout, and much of the lobby is now open, with about half of the walls removed. [ Pictures ]

April 9 – Our first workday. Several people showed up and began tearing out some of the walls we don’t need and removing equipment and hardware we will not be using.  [ Pictures ]

March 30 – The closing went smoothly, and we now have the keys to our new building! Now the real fun begins, as we convert this industrial building into Journey Church’s new home. [ Pictures ]

March 2 – Our application for a zoning variance was approved with a unanimous vote, even though the Franklin City Planners had recommended rejecting our application. Another God-thing! [ Pictures ]

February 19 – Cornerstone Fund notified us that we will not need to do an appraisal or environmental inspection. Two more obstacles cleared away by God!

February 5 – Our offer was accepted at our initial offer price! Way to go, God!

January 26, 2016Our financing was approved by Cornerstone Fund! The great thing about borrowing from them is that the interest we pay will provide loans for other churches and fund pastors’ retirement funds. Even the interest we pay on the loan is building God’s kingdom!