Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Each week we ask people for feedback about how we’re doing. Below, you’ll find some of the comments we’ve received.

I want to thank you for making our 1st experience @ Journey Church a wonderful one. We had decided before we had left the parking lot we were going to return next Sunday.  We felt very welcome & comfortable & everyone was very nice.  We were so taken in.  I am looking so forward to bringing my daughter & grandchildren sometime.  We have told many people in our family about our experience. — K.C.

“I was so impressed with the kindness of the people. The environment was inviting.” — D.T.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The band was great. The best was the delivery of the Pastor’s message. His message was one that can be used in everyday life. — L.O.

Before Journey Church, I was bitter and angry because of my past. I was always looking at churches as I passed them, but I thought I didn’t deserve to attend. Since coming to Journey I have a feeling of belonging to a group of awesome God loving people.I am proud to be a Christ follower, and I will be living my life to please God!!! — L.H.

Everyone was very welcoming! And the first time I was there people noticed and lent a helping hand telling me where to take my daughter during the service. Lots of smiling faces. This church is wonderful. The band is great and the messages are so full of knowledge. You can take what you learn in church and apply it to every day life situations. And back them up with the word of God. I feel so comfortable there even coming with just myself and my daughter. I love the message that we are all loved no matter what we have done in the past. Attending Journey Church is a blessing and Im so glad I was led there. Im looking forward to Sunday’s to come. — J.S.

I liked how casual it felt, and everybody was so friendly, even though it was my first time there… and i hadn’t been to a church in over 10 years, i didn’t feel out of place. I really enjoyed it, and will be coming back next Sunday. — J.W.

We loved what you had to teach us, and the fact that you were down to earth. — F.T.

What a wonderful experience it was coming to church yesterday morning!! I will be 35 years old next month and have never been a member of a church. My parents did not go to church, so neither did we. I cannot wait to come back next week to learn more!! — C.H.  (She and her son were baptized at Journey a few months later.)

I have been trying to get my husband to attend church for a while . . . You got him to go and he’s ready to come back next week. — D.P (Her husband was later baptized at Journey.)

I like the fact that Jim is learning along with us, and makes clear that he is on the journey with us. –S.T.

I was very impressed with how laid back and casual everything was. Everyone was friendly and welcoming but just let me enjoy being there. They were just glad I came and that makes me want to come back. I loved the come as you are, because I have always felt God did not care what you wore as long as you showed up. I enjoyed that you sat down and talked to everyone not preached at them. You connect with people which keeps them interested not bored or falling asleep. It was good. — J.J.

The first thing I noticed was how welcoming and friendly everyone was. I liked the sermon best. I was very intrigued at the way the pastor spoke. — L.H.

It was absolutely awesome! The first thing I noticed was how friendly and helpful the people were. I liked the casual atmosphere. I liked that there was somewhere my little ones could go and do age related things while my older daughter and I could listen to the message. I felt the kids were very safe. I grew up going to church with my grandmother and it was just a lot diiferent, I felt so much more comfortable here. — D.K.