Tithe Challenge FAQ

Tithe Challenge FAQ

Q: Do I give 10% of the income I make during the three months, or what I make for the year?

A: The challenge is to give 10% of the income you make during the three months.

 Q:  My spouse and I both work. Do we give 10% of what we both make?

A: If your spouse is in agreement with you about taking the challenge, then you should give 10% of both your incomes. However, if your spouse does not want to participate, then just tithe on your income.

 Q: What if I miss a week or two during the three month period? Do I have to make that up?

A: The tithe is based on what God gives you (your income), not on how often you go to church. To tithe means to give back to God 10% of what He has given to you. So when you miss church you simply make up the difference with your next giving opportunity.

 Q: I want to tithe, but my spouse doesn’t.  What should I do?

A: We don’t want your spouse to be turned off from church and turned off from God because of this challenge. What you might do is talk with them and explain that you’d like to do this, and that if they don’t want to that’s okay. Then you could suggest that you’d like to tithe on just half of your combined income (that could be your half). We would still count that for the challenge. If they aren’t open to that, then maybe this isn’t the time for you to take the challenge.

Q: Should I tithe on my gross income or net income?

A: Do you want to blessed gross or net? 🙂 Seriously, the way the tithe is described in the Bible it’s giving the first fruits to God, which sounds like pre-tax, pre-everything, which would be gross income. However, this is between you and God, and we believe that when you see how God blesses you for tithing you’ll WANT to tithe on your gross income.

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