We're all on a spiritual journey, but we're not all at the same place, so our goal is to help everyone  identify and take their next step. So, where are you on the journey? Read the four descriptions below and see which one you identify with the most.
Exploring - You believe in God, but you’re not sure about “putting your faith in Christ.”  Your next step is to keep coming and learning about God and what it means to follow Christ.  Spend time reading the Bible and praying on a regular basis.  Our hope is that you will decide to put your faith in Christ and follow Him.

Growing in Christ - You’ve made a faith commitment and are starting to grow in your faith.  AWESOME!  Your next step is to get baptized & get involved by serving and getting into a small group.

Close to Christ - Christ is important and you often rely on Him for daily guidance and help.  KEEP GOING!  Your next step is to begin aligning your life, values and actions around Jesus’ teachings.  Stay connected by serving and participating in a small group.  Spend more time reading your Bible and praying.

Christ-Centered - Christ is everything to you, and you are truly aligning your life, values and actions around Jesus' teachings. You know God wants you to be a part of what He is doing.  GREAT JOB!  Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and be open to God’s leading in your life.

When you're ready to take your next step, go to the Next Steps section of the app or website and explore your options.